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Cal Poly Open House brings more than just crowds

Erin Abzug Cal Poly’s Open House event draws a huge crowd of accepted students, perspective students and their families into the San Luis Obispo area. San Luis Obispo Police Department Lieutenant Bill Proll said in regards to complaints from locals about the crowds, it’s hard to differentiate between Open House weekend and another college weekend […]

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The changing face of Cal Poly

Amanda Margozzi The total number of applications submitted to Cal Poly reached an all-time high in Fall 2012. There were 45,796 transfer and first-time freshman applications, which was an increase of 10.9 percent from the previous year, according to the Cal Poly Fall 2012 Fact Book. With the number of enrolled freshmen reaching an […]

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Welcome to our (open) house

As I walked to my classes last week, I encountered what seemed to be an endless number of tour groups consisting of parents listening intently and prospective students glancing around to take a look at current students. Needless to say, I received many awkward looks I wasn’t sure how to respond to. So not knowing […]