Crocs, urine and one professor’s sustainable lifestyle

In an attempt to leave a small carbon footprint, Cal Poly physics professor Peter Schwartz pees on his trees instead of using fresh water.

Quick Talk with Award-Winning Graduates

Cal Poly has a reputation for producing some of the top graduates in the state, but who are the top of the top?

Cal Poly contributes to computer research

A Cal Poly research team is working on one of the final steps to build the world’s first large-scale quantum computer. If the results turn out as expected, physics assistant professor Katharina Gillen’s research could be the missing key. “It…

Students get physical with particles

A group of Cal Poly students are working in Europe trying to find the missing link in particle physics, while operating the world’s largest science experiment.

Speaker outlines possible solutions to climate change

Barbara Levi, co-editor of the book “Global Warming: Physics and Facts” talked to students about the causes, concerns and possible solutions to climate change.

Notable physics journalist to speak at Cal Poly

Dr. Barbara Levi, co-editor of the book “Global Warming: Physics and Facts,” to speak at Cal Poly. “It’s certainly one of the fundamental issues of our day,” Cal Poly professor Randy Knight said.