Expedited legal immigration must become priority now

For the last four summers, I worked at a teller station in a bank tucked away in a small valley of northwest Washington. Late every Friday came the rush of farm workers scrambling in to cash their paychecks after a series of 11-hour work days.

Obama’s Poor Way of Dealing

President Obama always seems to hide away from the public eye at times when he should be attacking issues head-on.

The Wrong Time for Playing Ghandi

Recently, White House representatives have compared President Obama’s nuclear posture to that of the Reagan Administration; President Reagan must be rolling in his grave.

Opening Our Minds Beyond A Linear World

Who would you vote for: Stalin or Hitler? Hopefully you’re thinking neither, despite the fact that you were presented with what appears to be a choice between the two.

Obama Cares: How the Health Care Reform Bill Will Affect You

It has been 12 days since the bill passed, and I have yet to see any hammers and sickles or murals of Obama in military garb painted on City Hall downtown.

The government needs to get back to basics

As a human being, I can’t think of anything more important than having rights and having them respected.

“Inclusive excellence” is a flawed solution to a growing issue

Cal Poly has been sucked into the growing movement formally known as “inclusive excellence.”

The other side of progressivism

During Glenn Beck’s moving speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) last Saturday, Beck argued that the single largest problem facing the nation, ironically, is “progressivism.”

Reengaging in the Political Process

I write this column because I want to make a difference, but making a difference isn’t necessarily getting people to agree with my position on various issues.

Country should look to Reagan’s example during trying times

Thirty years ago, America faced almost the same problems that it faces today. President Jimmy Carter preached that the sky was falling.

Vote for freedom by getting involved

The government has the power to do just about anything, from taxing you a few percentage points, to taking thousands of dollars with income or property taxes, to imprisoning you and even in some cases, taking your life.