5 facts about Cal Poly you haven’t heard before

1. The “P” started as an “H” The “P” has been around since 1919 but wasn’t initially created as a symbol of Cal Poly pride, as it is today. San Luis Obispo High School and Cal Poly has a history…

Poly Royal: Bringing back the name, but not the violence

Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong: “If we work together, I believe we can make Poly Royal a safe, enjoyable event and a university showcase that will make all of us proud.”

74th Poly Royal Rodeo highlights Open House history

Londo and his program will bring back the annual Poly Royal Rodeo for the 74th time this Friday and Saturday on the rodeo grounds.

‘Rag-tag’ committee made first Open House

Elyse Lopez elyselopez.md@gmail.com After the riots in 1990 that caused the cancellation of Poly Royal, students had to think of a new way to open up the campus for the weekend and showcase their work. Poly Royal was a wonderful…