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Two vendor booths at the Poly Royal Rodeo were allegedly broken into and burglarized early Friday morning, according to Cal Poly spokesperson Matt Lazier. 

One of the vendors, Cattaneo Bros, announced they were one of the victims on Instagram.

“The perpetrators stole almost everything and what they left behind was destroyed,” Cattaneo Bros wrote in a social media post. 

Cal Poly officials confirmed that possible thefts and break-ins took place at two vendor booths but did not disclose the identity of the vendors. 

Patrol officers at the scene followed a car that was leaving the area with stolen properties falling out of it, Lazier told Mustang News. The officers did not catch the car, but they recovered about $3,700 worth of stolen goods. 

The car was a “small newer model, White SUV (like RAV 4),” according to the Cattaneo Bros’ post. 

The Poly Royal Rodeo is one of the biggest attractions during Cal Poly Open House, according to a press release from Cal Poly News. The first round of competitions took place Friday. The final on Saturday evening is open to the public. 

The Cattaneo Bros are asking for public assistance in the investigation. 

“In all of our years at shows and events, we have never experienced this type of vandalism and theft. WE NEED YOUR HELP!” the vendor wrote on Instagram. 

The Cal Poly Police are still investigating the incident. Cal Poly officials have not released any more information at this time. 

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