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Dear President Armstrong –– It’s time to go back online

Cassandra Garcia is a journalism freshman and Mustang News opinion columnist. The views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of Mustang News.  Dear President Armstrong, My name is Cassandra Garcia and I am a first-generation, first-year journalism major attending Cal Poly. As a student, I have experienced firsthand the impact of the decisions you and your […]

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Here’s what President Armstrong says about Cal Poly’s proposed campus fee increase

Siga aquí para leer este artículo en Español. Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong gave two presentations last week about the recently proposed College Based Fees (CBF) increase, which would increase Cal Poly’s total in-state cost by nearly 20% for students enrolled after the 2025-26 school year. In order to increase mandatory fees, Armstrong is required […]

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University addresses plans for fall, students moving into the dorms must get a COVID-19 test

Cal Poly will focus on containing the spread of COVID-19 through sanitation measures and required COVID-19 tests for students before moving into residence halls on campus in response to concerns about plans for Fall quarter  “Because the coronavirus has become endemic in our communities, our approach has to be one of containment and risk minimization […]

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Cal Poly prepares for fall quarter

The university continues to prepare for the option of fully virtual learning for fall quarter, similar to this spring, but remains optimistic that students will be able to return in the fall, University President Jeffrey Armstrong said in a press conference on Monday, May 18. Returning to Cal Poly could mean that the 15 percent […]

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Proposed bill to freeze university president’s salaries when student tuition increases

The California State University (CSU) could be prohibited from raising university presidents’ salaries in the same year of a tuition increase. Assembly Bill 930, authored by Assemblymember Todd Gloria of San Diego, was amended on May 16, 2019. The bill requires each university’s chancellor’s office to provide annual reports of the campus budget in comparison […]

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CSU-wide Title IX changes mean sexual misconduct investigations are paused and some reopened

The California State University (CSU) system mandated campuses to halt all current and appeal-pending Title IX sexual misconduct investigations while the CSU adopts a new investigative model. The new model, now required by California law, will guarantee students accused of sexual misconduct the right to cross-examine their accuser, potentially during a live hearing through an […]



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