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Proposition 13 — a bond to give public schools money for infrastructure — is losing in early election results

Proposition 13, a $15 billion bond to modernize public schools in California, lost in San Luis Obispo. The state proposition was the only one on the ballot. In San Luis Obispo county, about 65.2 percent voted “no” on the proposition whereas only about 34.8 percent voted “yes.” At the state level, about 57.2 percent voted “no.” […]

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Prop 13 could mean updates to old facilities at Cal Poly, but it’ll likely come with a tax

Proposition 13 is the only California proposition on the March ballot. It aims to provide $9 billion in bond money for K-12 schools and $2 billion each to community colleges, the California State Universities (CSU) system, and the University of California (UC) system — and there is a chance the proposition could indirectly result in […]



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