Singin’ the blues of direct democracy

Last week, as I was reading through the editorials in the Wall Street Journal, I found one article that caught my eye. It was titled “The Blue Men Group” and was about how three of the most liberal (i.e. blue)…

Special election propositions address state budget deficit

With the state facing a $42 billion budget deficit this year, Californians have the chance to decide how their tax dollars should be used to balance the state budget through six propositions of the Tuesday statewide special election.

Say ‘hasta la vista’ to ill-conceived special election propositions

Tomorrow’s special election and its six ballot measures have been put forth as a bi-partisan effort at fiscal responsibility – but fall completely flat. Yes, we need fiscal reform, but Propositions 1A-1E aren’t the way to do it.

For many, Prop 8 gets personal

Proposition 8, one of the most controversial measures on the California ballot to date, has sparked heated debate locally, whether it be during Thursday night’s Farmers’ Market or on the proposition board in the University Union, which allows students to pen their thoughts

Prop 2 brings agriculture, animal welfare issues home for Cal Poly

Cal Poly’s agricultural majors and professors have been clucking about the effects this election season will have on them if Proposition 2, the proposed Standards for Confining Farm Animals Act, passes Nov. 4.

The statute would require that calves raised for veal, egg-laying hens and pregnant pigs be confined in ways that allow them to lie down, stand up,

Do parents have the right to know all? Prop 4 says yes

Abortion has always been a topic for debate during the political season. New legislation is bringing the debate to an age-group that has little say in the political process.

Proposition 4, or the Abortion Waiting Period and Parental Notification Initiative, proposes to prohibit abortion for minors until 48 hours after a parent or legal guardian has been contacted.