Professors may need to work overtime to workout

Weeks after its opening, hundreds of students flow in and out of the Recreation Center daily, and new users can still be seen admiring the 21,000 square-feet of usable space. But some individuals on campus are having a harder time…


[box]Rec Center opens to much fanfare[/box] Following months of anticipation, the Cal Poly Recreation Center had a soft opening morning after approximately four years of planning and construction. University Union Advisory Board Chair Karen Mesrobian, a philosophy senior, said Associated…

Expanded Recreation Center opens

Following months of anticipation, the Cal Poly Recreation Center opened quietly Tuesday morning after years of construction and planning. University Union Advisory Board Chair Karen Mesrobian, a philosophy senior, said she carefully orchestrated the opening to allow users the best…

5 things you didn't know about the new Rec center

When the Recreation Center Expansion Project opens in mid-January, students for the first time will be able to see what Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) started working on in 2008. Mustang Daily went on an early tour of the facilities in…

MAP: Construction on Campus

As on-campus construction continues, it may be hard to figure out how to get around. Check out our interactive map to know what’s going, and avoid arriving in class late.

Summer construction closes Cal Poly roads and walkways

Summer construction on campus includes additional road closures, a 1.5 million gallon thermal water tank, and the final stages of expansion for the Recreation Center.

ASI president breaks down UU and ASI fees

Over the course of winter quarter, student government hosted Advocacy, Outreach and Accountability events titled “Donuts for Your Doubts” during University Union (UU) Hour, in order to obtain your concerns and respond accordingly. One of the main topics several students…

Recreation Center closing until January 2012

The Cal Poly Recreation Center will be closed for approximately seven months starting in June, said executive director of Associated Students Inc. (ASI) Rick Johnson at the ASI Board of Directors meeting on Feb. 23. The current University Union (UU)…

No holidays for campus construction projects

While classes ended for Cal Poly students over the 2010 winter break, construction projects on campus continued as usual and took advantage of the absence of students.

Summer construction projects will change the look of Cal Poly

This summer marks a period of transition for the Cal Poly campus, with several highly anticipated large-scale construction projects slated to start immediately after finals week.

Rec Center expansion to start soon

Initial stages of construction are set to begin in October. Before construction starts, a temporary fitness area needs to be installed where the main gym currently resides.