Former DSP president pleads no contest to drug charge

McMillan will return to court for sentencing on April 17.

Here’s how much you’ll be fined for parking violations

The city of San Luis Obispo and Cal Poly’s parking violation fees are similar in cost.

WOW 2014: New safety procedures yield mixed results

To increase public safety during WOW Week, SLOPD collaborated with the campus community and numerous San Luis Obispo resources .

Police conduct searches in attempted robbery case

Police searched three locations related to this past weekend’s attempted robbery on Thursday afternoon, according to a media release from the San Luis Obispo Police Department (SLOPD).

Armstrong: University will investigate connection between drugs and football team

Armstrong addressed the possible connection between Sunday’s attempted robbery and the shooting of ex-football player Geoffrey Hyde in 2013. Hyde was shot in what police said may have been a drug deal gone bad.