Three police visits led to shutdown of Rock ‘N’ Flow concert

After several noise complaints and three visits from the San Luis Police Department (SLOPD), officers pulled the plug on the Rock ‘N’ Flow concert in Santa Rosa Park on April 26.

Student arrested after fight near campus

There were rumors of shots being fired in pursuit of the suspect, Mickel said, but no guns were involved in the incident.

Sexual assault reported in Mustang Village

Cal Poly sent an emergency notification text and email to students at approximately 12 p.m. on Saturday.

Police: St. Patrick’s Day not as hectic as years past

SLOPD arrested a total of 11 people during this year’s St. Patrick’s Day, a small amount compared to last year’s 38 arrests.

When parties get risky, dean of students steps in

Mustang News beer columnist Nick Larson was having a routine Friday morning. It was getting close to 11 a.m. when he noticed someone was at his front door. He opened it and found two Cal Poly university police officers.

One of two suspects identified in shooting of Cal Poly student

The San Luis Obispo District Attorney’s office has filed charges against Castro Valley resident Brian Thomas Gonzales for being an accessory in the November shooting of former football player and current fifth-year student Geoffrey Hyde.

Behind the booze: Party arrests and violations by the numbers

SLOPD data gives insight into the not-so-pretty side of the San Luis Obispo party scene.

SLOPD: 5 Cal Poly rugby players involved in January assault

The victim told officers in charge of the investigation that the players punched him and hit him with bottles as well, Staley said.

Hit and run at Tank Farm Road

A 68-year-old bicyclist sustained moderate injuries in a hit-and-run Wednesday near Tank Farm road.

Rugby’s suspension lifted, some members still under investigation

The team-wide suspension on the Cal Poly rugby club team, implemented last week after a few members allegedly committed assault, has been lifted.

Police look at possible connection between university and downtown sexual assaults

Even with the small amount of details in the downtown case, SLOPD said there may be a connection.