An attempted sexual assault was reported at a March 5 Delta Chi party at this location. The reported assault on March 31, which led Cal Poly to suspend the fraternity, took place at a house where three out of the seven residents are Delta Chi members. | File photo

A woman reported being sexually assaulted by an unknown male at an off-campus party at a residence affiliated with Delta Chi on March 31. The woman reported that she was forced to consume alcohol against her will.

The San Luis Obispo Police Department (SLOPD) alerted Cal Poly on Monday after the victim reported the sexual assault on Sunday, according to university spokesperson Matt Lazier. Cal Poly officials sent an email to the student body at approximately 7:15 p.m. Monday night.

Because of this reported sexual assault and another reported attempted assault at a Delta Chi event on March 4, Cal Poly has suspended the fraternity chapter effective immediately while the university’s Dean of Students office completes administrative reviews of both gatherings, Lazier said.

Suspended chapters must receive approval from the Dean of Students office to participate in any activities, including parties, philanthropy events, alumni events, chapter meetings and community service. Lazier said the university had no further details to provide concerning the internal investigation or the allegation because of privacy concerns.

Lazier said Cal Poly is following its Title IX and sexual misconduct policies and providing appropriate support to the victim.

Dean of Students Kathleen McMahon declined to comment on the investigation.

Interfraternity Council (IFC) president and Delta Chi member Alex Campbell said that he doesn’t know anything else about the report or investigation other than what was sent in the campuswide emergency notification.

Delta Chi president and civil engineering senior Steven Pollock did not respond to multiple requests for comment Monday. Outside of the IFC executive board, which includes Campbell and two other Delta Chi members, no Delta Chi representatives were present at Monday night’s IFC meeting.

Update: On Tuesday, Pollock said that he doesn’t consider the event or the residence to be Delta Chi affiliated at all. He said that three out of the seven roommates at the residence are Delta Chi members and the other four are not affiliated with greek life.

Last quarter, the fraternity held one recruitment event at the house that was registered with the school, according to Pollock. Beyond that, Pollock does not consider the house to be affiliated with Delta Chi.

Delta Chi was on social probation during the time of the March 31 gathering, barring the fraternity from hosting any school sanctioned social events.

Though he said the fraternity was not involved with the March 31 incident, Pollock said that Delta Chi is willing to help with the investigation.

“We are doing everything that we can to cooperate with campus or the University Police Department and will afford them with any information we have,” said Pollock.

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