CSSA resolution could put the brakes on semester conversion

Six CSU campuses are still on the quarter system — Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Cal Poly Pomona, East Bay, San Bernardino, Bakersfield and Los Angeles.

ASI Board of Directors votes to stay on quarters

The ASI Board of Directors also formally supported quarters earlier this year, after 89.8 percent of voting students shot down semesters in a February vote.

Story ideas flowing after Armstrong Q-and-A with Mustang News

In what’s become a semi-annual tradition at Mustang News, Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong joined the staff for a Q-and-A on Monday morning.

Important issues on campus explained: semesters vs. quarters and Student Success Fee make headlines

Between classes, work, clubs and weekend beach trips, it can be difficult for Cal Poly students to pay attention to what’s going on around campus.

Chancellor visits Cal Poly

California State University (CSU) Chancellor Timothy White arrived at Cal Poly this Wednesday for the latest stop on his tour across the state to visit all 23 CSU campuses.

Three takeaways from President Armstrong’s student forum

Editor’s note: Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong has since clarified some of the statements he made in the article below. Sean McMinn smcminn@mustangdaily.net Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong spoke with students this past Friday in the second of three Campus…

Memo fuels uncertainty in semester’s future

Sean McMinn smcminn@mustangdaily.net Cal Poly’s road to semesters met with another obstacle this past week, as an email saying there was no official system mandate to convert made the rounds through faculty, but California State University (CSU) officials say the…

Update on semester conversion expected Monday

Mustang Daily Staff Report news@mustangdaily.net University President Jeffrey Armstrong will meet with members of the President’s Semester Review Task Force on Monday to inform them about an update in calendar negotiations with California State University (CSU) Chancellor Timothy White, according…

Vote gives administrators chance to earn students’ trust, or not

Sean McMinn is a journalism junior and Mustang Daily freelance reporter. Student advisory. It’s easy to miss those two words on the slew of signs around Cal Poly encouraging students to “VOTE” whether or not they want the school to…

A college’s calendar counts: Be a leader with quarters

Kelly Trom is a journalism sophomore and Mustang Daily arts contributing writer. The semester versus quarter debate is an age-old question. Well maybe not age-old, but it has been debated since the 1960s. In recent years, it has been on…

Semester conversion conversation hits setbacks

Sean McMinn smcminn@mustangdaily.net A proposal from the university president sparked debate fall quarter when the possibility of semesters coming to Cal Poly lit a flame under the usually sleepy campus. Though a task force studying the issue ended months of work…