Fertility Awareness: How to prevent pregnancy for free

Trust is one of the many benefits of being in a long-term, committed relationship, and if both people are monogamous, there is very little chance of either person catching anything surprising.

Bisexual men: The illusion of choice

To be bisexual means that a person discovers he or she is attracted to both men and women. Simple, right?

Anonymous sex lowers inhibitions, raises risk

Ever since someone invented the glory hole, being anonymous has had a direct impact on our sex lives. The Internet is just the latest development in the fine art of finding a wall and drilling a hole.

What rectal exams and sex should have in common

When making a decision, we weigh the benefits versus the hardship they would cause others.

How a prize can ruin the game

I am not for a minute saying that an orgasm is a bad thing. I DO think that it is definitely not the ONLY thing to worry about.

Societal norms affect sexual urges

Although most of us recognize that sex is great, it is still seen as a shameful activity.

How was it for you?

It’s definitely off-putting if you ask and really have no idea how I’m feeling. You were THERE for Christ’s sake.

Sex kills

Sex usually won’t kill you — usually.

Five dollars or less – improving surprise sex for cheap

Unexpected sex is not exactly something people complain about — far from it in fact.

Sexbots: The future, whether you like it or not

A sexbot is more complicated than your everyday sex toy, which usually has a single function.

Beauty and judgment in the dating Web site era

Your professor could judge you based on your lack of understanding of “Crime and Punishment,” someone on the bus could disapprove of your choice of clothes, hairstyle or music, or the cashier at the drugstore could judge your purchase of lube and candy canes.