Valentine’s Day — an early warning

You have 50 days until Valentine’s Day. Why am I giving you so much notice? Well, you might need it. If you believe the media, you probably should have started planning months ago.

Finals week sex: Cure for the common stress?

So as we go into war against the dreaded Scantron army, our body boosts our strength by nearly shutting down “less important” things, such as our libidos.

Why you broke up last week: Case study of the “Turkey Drop”

Urban Dictionary calls the high number of breakups occur between students and their significant others back home at Thanksgiving Break the “Turkey Drop.”

Intact: Tales of an uncircumcised life

Here’s something else you didn’t need to know about me: I’ve never had any sort of body modification.

OMGSEX!: To shave or not to shave

Somehow, I got it in my mind that hairless was hot. Three million porn stars couldn’t all be wrong when it comes to sexy. Sexy is, after all, their job.

Zombie in the sheets

I got a call the other day from my best friend of seven years informing me that her long-time boyfriend had just broken up with her. If you have ever been in this position, then you know the fight-or-flight feeling that goes straight through your body.

Sometimes it’s hard not to look

There he is, tall, brown hair, gorgeous blue eyes, dimples, broad chest, tight muscles, strong enough to throw you across his shoulder and carry you into the bedroom, but not so large that he’d crush you if he were on top.

Decoding stage between happy couple and break-up

It is sort of amazing how someone could want a relationship and claim they love a person, but then decide they need to go on a break for a period of time just to test the relationship.

Surviving long distance limbo

Almost every college student has a long distance relationship of one kind or another. And by relationship I mean of any kind — familial, best friend or just one of those people who call you at peak hours of the night.

To do it or not to do it: That is the question

You’re right. I talk a big game. I basically declared war on the Sex and Dating column at the beginning of this quarter, crying for a change from its former mediocrity.

Long distance relationships: not for the faint of heart

Why some long distance relationships can work but most can’t: the distance, the foundation of the relationship and the length of time the two people will be apart.