Resolving your New Year’s resolutions

Whether it’s to lose a few pounds or be a better person, resolutions are a staple to the festivities.

Men's basketball met NCAA tournament eligibility requirements despite report

A March 17 Associated Press article misleadingly named the team as one of eight that failed NCAA academic requirements for tourney teams.

Office of the Registrar launches course planning tool

PolyPlanner — Cal Poly’s newest registration tool — is now available for students to use.

3 ways the new Mustang Success Center is helping students

For materials engineering freshman Josh Ledgerwood, the center gives students a feeling that the school is trying to help people. “I think it enhances Cal Poly because it’s one of the many things they offer,” he said. “They are looking out for our success.”

Mustang Success Center provides general advising

The answer to student success has been simplified at Cal Poly.

The Mustang Success Center, which opened at the beginning of this fall quarter, is intended for students who need general advising about their path at Cal Poly.

Cal Poly Athletics puts student before athlete

It’s summer and most of Cal Poly’s student body is taking a reprieve from school. While the same can be said for many Cal Poly student-athletes, once school begins in the fall, it will be time to hit not only…

Poll: Cal Poly athletes receive no special academic treatment

College athletes are a unique type of student, dividing their time between training, competition and schoolwork. With these athletes working so hard to represent Cal Poly in their respective sports, some students believe they aren’t required to work as hard…

The ‘student’ side to Cal Poly studente-athletes

Despite the higher than normal academic standards, Cal Poly athletes rise above the bar.