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Women’s soccer finds positives after tournament elimination

After scoring the first goal of the game, the team eventually fell to a nail-biting series of penalty kicks. Despite the dissatisfying loss, the girls regrouped and appreciated their hard work exerted on the field.

Volleyball in recovery after loss against UCSB

“It was a hard match for us to generate kills and to score points from our side of the net,” head coach Sam Crosson said. “Usually in volleyball, the team that hits for higher efficiency will win more times then not.”

3 ways the new Mustang Success Center is helping students

For materials engineering freshman Josh Ledgerwood, the center gives students a feeling that the school is trying to help people. “I think it enhances Cal Poly because it’s one of the many things they offer,” he said. “They are looking out for our success.”

Massive student interest led to new political science minor

A survey of 800 students was conducted, questioning whether there would be interest in a minor and if students would be likely to take it, political science professor Matthew Moore said.

Fighting the stigma of suicide

Students can make themselves available and knowledgeable for their peers and allow them to see the choices that are at hand.