Sidewalk trends: Footwear

We admit it, we’re into those jelly sandals.

Men ‘Walk a Mile in Her Shoes’ to support sexual assault awareness

The clicking sound of high-heeled shoes filled Mission Plaza in downtown San Luis Obispo Saturday, but in this case, it was the men who wore the heels.

Putting the ‘canvas’ in canvas shoes

David Liebig At once, the colors steal your eyes. Complimentary hues blare from various canvases hung about the bedroom. The abstract swirls of color form neon octopi, dripping skulls. A banner of exotic, tessellate patterns cascades down one wall.…

Poly students should eliminate barefoot trend

There is an epidemic sweeping the Cal Poly campus. It isn’t going to get you sick, it isn’t life changing but it is contagious.

Freshman’s first night out turns journey home into warzone

Sydney Ray is a freshman learning how to navigate through college — and the local streets barefoot — in her weekly column “A Frosh Perspective.”