Study abroad: Thanksgiving away from home

Ask an American what Thanksgiving is all about. They’ll say it’s a time for reflecting on what they’re grateful for. They might even throw in something about pilgrims.

Fate is real, but it’s not sealed

The power is in one ball — something 22 individuals chase for 90 minutes, attempting to change their fate. The ball is the key — the key to power, to happiness and to glory.

Sports editor weighs in on World Cup madness

I dare anyone to find a tournament as exciting, passionate and dramatic as the one taking place in Brazil this summer.

While in Spain: Compassion across cultures

In this week’s study abroad column, Caroline talks about compassion in Spain.

Biting into Spain's Arab cuisine

Study abroad columnist Caroline Hollister gives you the dish on shawarma.

A taste of a local Spanish celebration

As I sat in my apartment on Saturday, I was shaken (literally) out of my wifi-induced stupor by what sounded like an army marching on the plaza outside.

Culture shock: Adjusting to the Spaniard lifestyle

My first week in Granada has been amazing. It’s absolutely beautiful here and I’m amazed by the city’s extensive history.

Preparing for España

On Jan. 19, I will set off on a journey many college students only dream of, many others regret turning down and a lucky few remember forever.