Travel blunders not a thing of the past

The best part about studying abroad is learning things about yourself you never knew before. An inevitable change occurs and suddenly you find yourself becoming more independent, enjoying the little things in life and strengthening skills you lacked prior to this incredible journey.

Candlelight vigil to honor Matt Yount on Thursday

A candlelight vigil will be held Thursday for deceased business administration junior Matt Yount.

CEA president ‘saddened’ by Matt Yount’s death in Spain

CEA’s local team has worked closely with the authorities, the United States Embassy and students on site to memorialize Yount and to determine the cause of the accident, CEA President Marcie Schneider said.

En España, welcoming cultural differences and similarities

Well, it’s official: the two-month mark since the day I arrived in Europe has come and gone. The quarter is halfway over.

Oktoberfest, a celebration to remember

Every now and then, you have to look back and reflect on some of the greatest moments that influenced the person you are today.

Welcome to Spain: Embracing culture shock

Saludos desde San Sebastian, España!

Let’s take a minute to say that even though I arrived here more than a month ago, I still had to Google Translate that sentence.

Ten lessons from a quarter abroad

Journalism junior Erica Husting (1-5) and business administration junior J. J. Jenkins (6-10) both studied abroad this fall quarter – Husting in Italy and Jenkins in Spain. These are the lessons they took away from their time abroad. Lesson 1:…

Things get Messi on Spanish fútbol field

J.J. Jenkins is a business administration junior and Mustang Daily study abroad columnist. I don’t think you know frustration until you watch one of the best fútbol clubs in the world fail to send a shiny, round ball into a…

Encantado, España: getting to know Barcelona

J.J. Jenkins J.J. Jenkins is a business administration junior and Mustang Daily study abroad columnist. Lionel Messi headed home a brilliant cross in one swift flick. The bar exploded. I jumped out of my seat with the rest of…

Cal Poly modern language and literature professor dies

William “Memo” Martinez, Jr., the department chair of the modern languages and literatures department, died on Thursday, Dec. 23, 2010 at the age of 49. The cause of his death is not being released at this time.