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Microgreen business provides insight to student entrepreneurship at Cal Poly

Random roommates in Cal Poly’s residence halls might consider themselves close friends after spending an entire year together — yet even fewer do roommates become business partners. Business junior Emmanuel Rivera-Romo and public health senior Ethan Tse started as strangers, but now run a microgreen startup together.  The two were able to start a successful […]

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Say “I dough”: Former ASI president sells cookies for wedding fund

Owen Schwaegerle, agricultural business graduate and former ASI president, pulled a freshly baked batch of cookies from his oven, ready for packaging. In the spring of 2016, Schwaegerle and his fiancée, communication studies senior Camille Lethcoe, created a startup called San Luis Obispo Chocolate Chip Cookie Delivery, or SLO3CD. “My fiancée … was craving late […]



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