Owen Schwaegerle (left) and Camille Lethcoe (right) started SLO3CD last spring and now deliver on Friday and Saturday nights. Brendan Matsuyama / Mustang News

Owen Schwaegerle, agricultural business graduate and former ASI president, pulled a freshly baked batch of cookies from his oven, ready for packaging.

In the spring of 2016, Schwaegerle and his fiancée, communication studies senior Camille Lethcoe, created a startup called San Luis Obispo Chocolate Chip Cookie Delivery, or SLO3CD.

“My fiancée … was craving late night sweets,” Schwaegerle said. “We couldn’t find a dessert place that was opened past 8 p.m., so I suggested we bake our own cookies. She said she wished she could just order cookies and have them delivered to her house.”

And so the concept for SLO3CD was born, along with a unique way to pay for the couple’s wedding fund — all proceeds from the cookies will go to Schwaegerle and Lethcoe’s wedding, set for June 2018.


The company delivers chocolate chip cookies on Friday and Saturday evenings from 9 p.m. to midnight. This is in addition to Schwaegerle’s day job as a financial analyst at Rabobank and Lethcoe’s responsibilities as a full-time student and babysitter.

However, this hasn’t stopped the pair from building their company. The couple implemented strategies from the book “Likeable Social Media” by Dave Kerpen to maximize their social media presence. Schwaegerle also earned the proper permits and certifications from the county.

“In order to make SLO3CD a legitimate business, I decided to get a Cottage Food Operators permit, charter my company with the county and receive a Food Handler’s License,” Schwaegerle said. “All of our cookies are baked in a home kitchen … We make sure to follow all health and safety codes.”

At this time, SLO3CD receives about 4 to 10 orders per night. Customers can order days in advance and get them delivered on Friday or Saturday night. The startup offers a dozen chocolate chip cookies for $10.

Schwaegerle specifically mentioned his parents’ adoration for the concept. He also told the story of a parent in Minnesota ordering cookies for their Cal Poly student.

SLO3CD currently serves areas within five miles of San Luis Obispo. Orders can be placed by calling (805) 387-3664.

Fresh chocolate chip cookies pulled from Owen Schwaegerle's oven shortly before packaging. Brendan Matsuyama / Mustang News.
Fresh chocolate chip cookies pulled from Owen Schwaegerle’s oven shortly before packaging. Brendan Matsuyama / Mustang News.

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