‘Phallacies’ shatters macho-man stereotypes

Kelly Trom ktrom@mustangdaily.net Hegemonic masculinity. This complicated phrase was broken down by the Gender Equity Center’s quarterly event, “Phallacies: Who wears the Pants?” on Tuesday night in the Julian A. McPhee University Union. This comedy theater dialogue brought issues of…

IFC looks to ‘Break the Stereotype’ with new campaign

Laura Pezzini lpezzini@mustangdaily.net Classrooms and hallways across campus are strewn with clusters of black and white posters. These are neither advertisements nor event posters, which are typically displayed on campus message boards. Instead, they are part of the “Break the…

Taking swings at golf's stereotypes

An average work day lasts eight hours. The goal is to wake up early, grab some coffee and hope to make it through the day with the energy to stay focused. Even as young college students, long hours like these…

‘What is Black?’ investigates origin of stereotypes

Cal Poly’s MultiCultural Center (MCC) will host a conversation discussing the origin of  “black” as a term to describe race to celebrate Black History Month.

Pat Little Band plays to battle stereotypes

The Pat Little Band members see themselves more as a pop-rock band than Christian rock. They will take to the Downtown Brewing Co. stage for the first time Friday evening.

A shout out to the single moms

While other superheroes lift buildings with their super strength, single parents carry a work load intended for two people. They fight off every villain that anyone else throws at their kid. They cruise around in a mini van instead of the Batmobile.