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Commentary: Caps off to the grads

OK I am about to officially become a college graduate but as I walked in to the Mustang Daily lab this morning I found out that there was still one last thing that I had to learn.

Event adds flavor to local charities

Locals showed up to toast and taste the town for a good cause on a sunny Sunday afternoon in Mitchell Park.

A Cal Poly brewed cup of tea

Alex Pryor and David Karr do not take cream and sugar with their tea. The Cal Poly alums prefer their brew from deep in the jungle, and thanks to Pryor’s senior project they are now bringing it to you in a way that is helping sustain the world.

Sounds of China come to campus

East will meet West musically when the Cal Poly Symphony performs a concert featuring the music of China their performance, “Looking, East, Looking West” on Saturday night. The concert is part of “World Across the University: China in the 1930s and ’40s” sponsored by the Cal Poly music department.

Legendary ‘father of Chicano theater’ speaks at Poly

Luis Valdez, the famous Chicano writer and ‘Zoot Suit’ playwright, spoke about his life and influences to a packed audience on Friday.

Welcome to the Dollhouse

Drag queens will be coming out for a good cause tonight at Downtown Brew.

Delta Lambda Phi, a fraternity for gay, bisexual, and progressive men presents the Dollhouse, is the first annual drag show raising money for the AIDS Support Network in San Luis Obispo.

Dance aims to aid Alzheimer’s organization

This Sunday seniors and students will have a chance to experience prom a second time around at the third annual “Senior Prom.”

Softball senior hits previous stats out of the park

When Jessica Rogers steps up to the plate this year she may be the same person that played softball for the Mustangs last year but she is not the same player.

A shout out to the single moms

While other superheroes lift buildings with their super strength, single parents carry a work load intended for two people. They fight off every villain that anyone else throws at their kid. They cruise around in a mini van instead of the Batmobile.

The road less traveled: Broading horizons from home

You don’t have to actually see the world to have a desire to know about it, explore its cultures or understand its people. Studying abroad may be an outlet to these things, but it is by no means a necessity.

Mustang baseball team brings in the win after a long haul

Mustangs beat national champs for the second time this season in extra innings at Baggett stadium Tuesday night. It took over four hours and extra innings for the Mustangs to beat the Fresno state Bulldogs 17-16.