30-Minute Update: Organizer for SLO Solidarity receives death threat, students and faculty march to protest

Mustang News anchors Monica Roos and Clara Knapp update you on Mustang News’ biggest stories this week.

Mustang Minute: Cats in Kennedy

Cats and Cal Poly students got a little extra love in the library on Thursday. Christina Favuzzi sees how the cats help students relax before finals.

Sleep on it: why students need shuteye

Sam Gilbert is a journalism sophomore and Mustang Daily health columnist. Week five really brings a plethora of emotions. Sure, we’re only five weeks away from the most beautiful season of the year, but we’re also dealing with the ugliest…

Midterm madness hits Cal Poly

Laura Pezzini lpezzini@mustangdaily.net Lately, biological sciences senior Madison Walter can usually be found in the Robert E. Kennedy Library. That is, while she’s not in class. “I study between all my classes, and then probably about six hours every night,”…

Students in diSTRESS

The ways people handle and deal with stress are as unique as their fingerprints. What one student accomplishes by going for a five-mile run might be equivalent to another taking time to schedule out everything on a to-do list. Both…

How to fight those winter ‘a-choos’

College is about studying, meeting new people, discovering passions and even attending an occasional party. Between all of these different aspects of college life, many students forget how to stay healthy.

Student suicide of concern on college campuses

Every two hours a person under the age of 25 tries to commit suicide. With academic, social, and financial pressure, coping can be harder than it seems.

Finals week sex: Cure for the common stress?

So as we go into war against the dreaded Scantron army, our body boosts our strength by nearly shutting down “less important” things, such as our libidos.