30-Minute update: Preparing for St. Fratty’s Day, Inside Krukow’s Klubhouse

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30-Minute update: ASI votes to not support 7-day parking, students finalists to race across Europe

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Will you accept this rose?: Q&A with “The Bachelorette’s” Kasey Stewart

Kasey Stewart — better known as “The Hashtag Guy” — made a name for himself on the most recent season of “The Bachelorette” as #marriagematerial.

Four reasons to watch season two of ‘Girls’

David Liebig arts@mustangdaily.net HBO’s “Girls” was perhaps one of the most discussed television series last year. Now the hip “dramedy” is back: The show’s sophomore season premiered on Sunday with an episode that opened doors to fresh developments and new…

Above the influence or avoiding the issues?

It’s not that I’d like being bombarded with the truth as I sit and try to let my brain be mushed by reality television, but creating a straw bully out of tobacco or marijuana isn’t only laughable but detrimental in the sense that it draws away from larger issues.