All you can eat: Food intolerances and campus dining

Food intolerances and allergies are not rare at Cal Poly. In fact, they are so common that the university has hired Megan Coats, a registered dietitian, to educate campus dining staff about the difference between allergies and intolerances, and how to help a student find the right food to eat.

Real Food Cooperative: From ‘crazy idea’ to campus business

Their dream is to have a 100-percent student-run business that sells local, organic, sustainable food. But to make that dream come true, the six cofounders of Real Food Cooperative have to work against the clock with a modest number of volunteers and pay for equipment and ingredients out of their own pocket—approximately $8,000 so far.

ASI survey recommends pub, movie theater in UU

A pub and a movie theater are among the top 10 recommendations for improvement of the UU made by students, faculty and staff through an April survey of the ASI Facility Master Plan.

Cal Poly recalls student-made chocolate bars for possible contamination

The chocolate bars are allegedly contaminated with undeclared allergens including peanuts, milk and soy.

Secrets behind Cal Poly's little city

At the intersection of Cuesta Avenue and South Perimeter Road lies the 106-year-old Old Power House (bldg. 76) — the oldest building on campus.

Chino's will stay open thanks to new owner

Chino’s has found a new owner, and will remain open for the foreseeable future.

Cal Poly transitions to cashless culture

From 2008 to 2013, cash payments in Campus Dining facilities fell by 12 percent.

Downtown Association partners with Cal Poly to ensure 'safe commencement'

Cal Poly’s student affairs office also asked PULSE to create a 45-second video about “a responsible and dignified graduation.”

Cal Poly, community health experts meet on underage drinking

A May 14 forum addressed issues of underage drinking.

Restrictive marijuana law stalled at SLO council meeting

The proposed ordinance resulted from complaints about noxious odors from outdoor medical marijuana cultivation in a residential area.

Professors transition to tech-focused teaching

Allowing students to access their personal devices in class means they may be checking their social media accounts instead of focusing on class materials — a double-edged sword that teachers across the nation have to deal with.