SLO HotHouse seeks new location to expand

Cal Poly is seeking a new location downtown for its SLO HotHouse program, with an addition of residential space to house 40-80 upper-division students.

Men's basketball met NCAA tournament eligibility requirements despite report

A March 17 Associated Press article misleadingly named the team as one of eight that failed NCAA academic requirements for tourney teams.

City Council vets call for cooperation between Cal Poly and City Council

A petition signed by 28 past city council members arrived at City Hall on April 16 with the message: the San Luis Obispo City Council and Cal Poly need to collaborate more on the consideration of the future 1430-bed student residence hall.

SLOCOG considers multipurpose trail near Cal Poly

San Luis Obispo Council of Governments (SLOCOG) is considering installing a multipurpose trail that connects San Luis Obispo and Morro Bay with a trailhead near Cal Poly.

Poly Royal: Bringing back the name, but not the violence

Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong: “If we work together, I believe we can make Poly Royal a safe, enjoyable event and a university showcase that will make all of us proud.”

74th Poly Royal Rodeo highlights Open House history

Londo and his program will bring back the annual Poly Royal Rodeo for the 74th time this Friday and Saturday on the rodeo grounds.

New mobile app tracks latest SLO events

SLO Happenings, a free mobile application, has been developed as a guide to events and activities going on in San Luis Obispo.

Cal Poly's half percent: International student enrollment

WORDS: Jenna Watson          GRAPHIC: Tram Nguyen          VIDEO: Erica Husting The first time a Colombian international student learned about Cal Poly’s reputation, it was through a Google search. International students at Cal Poly…

No smoking: Cal States considering tobacco ban

San Luis Obispo became the first city in the world to successfully ban smoking in public places in 1990, and now the California State University system is considering adopting a 100 percent tobacco ban.

Band hopes Run for Music will boost fundraising this year

This year, all the proceeds will be used to support Cal Poly bands and music programs.