Bill could force Poly Corp. to release records

Cal Poly Corporation and Cal Poly Foundation may soon have to open up its books to the public if the Senate Bill 218 passes this Fall. It will open the California Public Records Act to include university auxiliary organizations.

Letter to the editor: McElroy’s election transparency

Your campaign is the most visible on campus, with sandwich boards, T-shirts, posters and you dressed up to the nines. It takes some real legal tender to render such splendor. Will you post your finances on your Web site

Corporate lobbyist transparency needed for the green age

See, a huge number of companies make modest improvements in practices, but lobby all-out, in a variety of ways, to stall the adoption of higher standards, better land-use practices, green taxes or even health and safety regulations. And the impacts of those lobbying efforts usually far, far outweigh the good they claim to be doing with their pilot green efforts.