Is studying 25-35 hours a week realistic?

“You would get A’s in all your classes if you studied 25-35 hours per week.”

Reported sexual assault survivor speaks to Sheriff’s Office, criminal investigation begins

The San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s Office and Cal Poly are now conducting investigations into the incident.

Tuesday Tunes: April 22, 2014

Have you ever considered listening to T-Pain to get pumped up for class?

CARE-Net seeks to expand dialogue

CARE-net will play a role similar in some respects to that of a traditional ombuds. Someone wishing to report a troubling incident will have the opportunity to do so either through an online reporting system or via a network of trained university volunteers.

New CARE-Net program will allow students to report biased incidents

CARE-Net, a university-wide initiative, is a program attempting to ensure a safe and healthy learning environment at Cal Poly by allowing students to anonymously report discriminatory incidents.