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Shots for Shows: Local venues advocate for COVID-19 vaccinations through live music

The Fremont Theater’s “Shots for Shows” campaign gave the chance for people to unite over live music in a unique way during the COVID-19 pandemic — through getting vaccinated. Both first-time COVID-19 vaccine recipients and those returning for their second dose were offered tickets to musical shows at one of their two venues, The Fremont […]

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California keeps stricter COVID-19 mask mandate despite new CDC guidelines

On May 13, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) eased masking guidelines for fully-vaccinated people. However, California plans to keep stricter masking requirements in place until the state’s economy is fully reopened on June 15.  This is the proposed date that Governor Gavin Newsom plans to fully reopen California’s economy by ending capacity […]

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CDC updates COVID-safe activities for fully vaccinated people

New guidance released from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) on Monday lessens restrictions for people who have been fully vaccinated.  The guidance states that fully vaccinated people can visit other fully vaccinated people indoors without masks or physical distancing. Fully vaccinated people can also visit with unvaccinated but low-risk people from a single household […]



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