Ryan Chartrand

Larry the Cable Guy installed two hours of laugh-out-loud comedy to Mid-State Fair-goers on July 28.

While every minute may not have been stomach-hurt good, he put on a full show that included chats about poop, making fun of his own jokes and, ending on a high note, a string of jokes while he strummed away on his guitar.

I was a first-time Larry viewer among at least 500 people carrying around blinking boot cups filled with who-knows-what drink sold at the many booths around the fair. (Literally, if you never have been to the fair, understand that food concessions are limited and margarita and fruity drink stations are placed at every other corn dog stand.)

It may have been the beers or just the delight of being at the fair, but the audience was getting a good chuckle from Larry’s stuff.

One of Larry’s cleaner jokes is his Home Depot experience. Larry likes going to the Home Depot because he gets a hot dog before he goes in. The reason behind the hot dog vending, according to Larry, is because it is such a big store and one might get lost and therefore need something to snack on. Have any idea where this is going? If you’re eating lunch, finish, and then proceed. Larry went so far as to say in the midst of being lost, an accident happens in his pants. Needless to say Larry looks like he is part of “The March of Peguins” in the Home Depot, and all he can think of is the UPS slogan, “What can brown do for you?” The positive part of the experience, Larry said, was that someone gets a toilet and plunger half off.

I apologize for the horrible Larry impersonation, but there is still more.

The best part of the show was the end when he played some great hits on his guitar. For example, he performed a song about a friend who got herpes in the eye titled “Love in All the Wrong Places.”

Larry put on a good show, although probably not a show for the prim and proper wives of senators. But for a summertime fair, nothing is better than a low-quality beer for seven bucks and a good laugh.

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