"Tech N9ne has a rich heritage with San Luis Obispo and SLO Brew, so we're fortunate to have that history help us book him again," SLO Brewing Co. general manager Monte Schaller said. Courtesy Photo.

Residents of San Luis Obispo get an early Halloween treat this Tuesday with the arrival of Tech N9ne at SLO Brewing Co. (SLO Brew) in downtown San Luis Obispo.

Construction management senior Anton Fyodorov saw Tech N9ne in concert this summer in Los Angeles, and said the rapper puts on a good show.

“It was a unique crowd of people, and it felt like it took a long time for (him) to get on stage,” he said. “But it was a lot of fun, I really had a blast.”

SLO Brew general manager Monte Schaller said all of its concerts are exciting events to witness and be a part of. However, when a big name such as Tech N9ne comes to town, he said it’s not something to miss out on, and SLO Brew is definitely the spot to be.

“The energy outside with the people in line, eager to get in, the restaurant and brewery in full swing and then, of course, a full crowd of people dancing and singing the words to every song,” Schaller said.  “Needless to say, it’s a pretty cool thing to be a part of.”

The rap and hip-hop artist’s tour — called The Lost Cities Tour — began in West Hollywood Oct. 14 and will end this December, in Columbia, Miss. The tour features Krizz Kaliko, Kuttcalhoun, Jay Rock and Flawless, with Traumatico as openers. These artists will perform to a full crowd Tuesday night, as the concert is already sold out.

Jimmy Carson, an electrical engineering sophomore, said he wishes he could be there to see Tech N9ne.

“I really regret that I can’t be in town to go to the concert,” he said. “He’s one of my favorite rappers.”

Tech N9ne has sold more than a million albums, and his music is featured in movies such as “Alpha Dog” and “The Life of Lucky Cucumber” and videogames such as “Madden NFL 2006” and “25 To Life,” in which he is also a character. In 2009, his song “Let’s Go,” was featured in an online promotional short film for AXE body spray.  In 1999, the artist partnered with Travis O’Guin and founded the record label Strange Music. A lot of the bands featured in the tour are also Strange Music artists.

Tech N9ne was born Aaron Dontez Yates in Kansas, Miss. in 1971. His father was absent, and his mother suffered from epilepsy and lupus, according to his website. Influenced by “old school” hip-hop and artists such as Slick Rick, Public Enemy, The Doors and Led Zeppelin, Yates began rapping as a young child.

According to the company’s Facebook, SLO Brew can be described as a restaurant, bar and concert venue. Schaller said the managers are constantly speaking with talent agencies and local artists to fill the stage — sometimes artists themselves will contact the venue in hopes of getting their music heard.

“Tech N9ne has a rich heritage with San Luis Obispo and SLO Brew, so we’re fortunate to have that history help us book him again,” Schaller said. “Especially during his reign as No. 1 on the Billboard Hip Hop charts.”

SLO Brew, which was renamed from Downtown Brewing Company approximately one year ago, has been a music venue since 1988, according to Schaller. Even without the concerts — which, Schaller said, is not likely these days — SLO Brew is always packed.

“The brewery, restaurant, billiards tables, late night bar and dance floor are more than enough to keep us busy on a regular basis,” Schaller said.

The event begins at 8 p.m. The concert is for all ages.

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  1. The Central Coast music scene just keeps getting better and better

    I was looking forward to seeing a nice concert review with great photography of the best damn show the Central Coast has seen in recent times, Incubus. For local promoters and event planners to draw in talent that big is pretty amazing! Many of us have grown up with Incubus, and it was both nostalgic and refreshing when they played through songs both old and new.

    I recorded some crappy clips and threw them together on Windows Movie Maker for anyone interested 🙂


  2. The name of the opening act at this show is Traumaticc. He was accompanied on stage by fellow local artists Swame Da Macka, Ripp & YBV, along with DJ Press. I strongly urge any Tech N9ne fan to look into Traumaticcs music. I believe Traumaticc could be the next big thing to happen to Strange Music, listen to some of his music and I’m sure you agree.

    Tech, Krizz & Kutt put on a beautiful, energy packed show. Hopefully I will have some footage uploaded from the show soon. You’ll be able to find it


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