The City of San Luis Obispo’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force released a statement on Oct. 19 following the charges against their recently elected Chair Amman Asfaw. 

Asfaw is one of the eight protesters charged for the July 21 Black Lives Matter protest

The protest blocked both directions of traffic on highway 101 when a car struck a protester resulting in the protesters damaging the car. Many of the charges are in relation to this aspect of the protest, including Asfaw’s charges.

Asfaw is charged with a single count of false imprisonment. According to the District Attorney’s complaint, Asfaw violated, “the personal liberty of ‘occupants in 2012 white Honda sedan at the intersection of California Boulevard and Monterey Street.’”

Michael Boyer, Vice Chair of the DEI Task Force, wrote the statement addressing Asfaw’s charges. Boyer explained Asfaw’s qualification for working with the task force and his activism in the statement. 

“Mr. Asfaw embodies his personal core values of respect, integrity, and commitment through servant leadership,” Boyer said. 

Dale Magee, DEI Task Force project manager, said that the incident regarding Asfaw’s charges will prompt conversation in the San Luis Obispo community. 

“The impact of course is that there is going to be increased discussion,” Magee said. “The ultimate goal is to spread awareness. The task force is doing the best we can right now to support Amman during this time.” 

Boyer said in the statement that the task force supports Amman Asfaw as he continues his position of chairperson for the DEI task force. 

“He is passionate and thoughtful in his service to the San Luis Obispo community,” Boyer said. “We look forward to his ongoing contributions in the pursuit of diversity, equity, and inclusion.” 

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