Julianne Byer

Recently, I came across a blip of an article discussing a theory on the relationship a well-connected person can have on the others around them. It’s interesting, because we all like to think that we have even a mild affect on people. And it’s relevant because this is such an ideal time in our lives to develop into the people we want others to take notice of.
Malcolm Gladwell, author of “The Tipping Point,” explains that extremely well-connected people have a greater impact on the world than those who only stay in contact with a select few. And this goes beyond the quantitative relationship of knowing more people, therefore affecting more people. Gladwell’s examples include people like Paul Revere – the historical figure who is coined to have saved the New World from British invasion. We thought he was the most brave and certainly the most courageous, but did you know that another guy on a horse was running around screaming “The British are coming!”? The thing is – he didn’t know half as many people as Revere did.
It makes me wonder, am I affecting people because what I do is that great or that inspirational – or is it because I have a network of people I can put on speed dial? And if we expand this idea even further, we can ask if presidents, world leaders and revolutionaries “changed the world” only because they were well-connected enough to do so.
Kind of makes you want to run out and introduce yourself to everyone from here to Timbuktu in an attempt to make the kind of difference they’ll maybe one day put in history books. But most of us won’t get the chance to do this, or even have the energy to reach outside of our tight-knit circle to meet new people. But it is reassuring to know that everybody you meet, whether it be your future best friend or that stranger on the bus, are greatening your circle and increasing your chance at being well-connected. They are your ticket to having the planet hear your ideas and follow you as you make that positive change.
So let’s go out and meet anybody and everybody, because change is around the corner; and a positive impact is close at hand. Move over Revere because the British came and left. It’s time for a new revolution.

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