Cornel Morton stated in the Mustang Daily in early October that “Consistent with university policy, Cal Poly will continue the practice of placing red prints on campus when reported sexual assaults occur.” Unfortunately, the red handprints were painted over in the summer and have still not been repainted. Do we really want to wait until another sexual assault occurs on campus so that we can have new handprints? We need to put back the old handprints now so that people remain aware and do not forget that sexual assault is a reality on this campus. It is likely that a sexual assault has occurred on campus since the beginning of fall quarter, as it is estimated that more than half of all sexual assaults go unreported. The handprints are symbolic representations of what are likely a great deal more sexual assaults. The students were told that there was going to be action taken on this issue and yet the handprints have not returned. We are demanding that the red handprints be put back immediately.

Thank you.

Progressive Student Alliance

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