Samantha Strom posed a good question in Monday’s Mustang Daily: “Where have all the nice guys gone?” Being myself a nice guy, I’ll explain it quite clearly.

We will start at high school. If you look, you will see a majority of girls chasing after “bad” boys. Sure, high school girls say they want a nice guy to treat them right, but when it comes down to it, they are usually attracted to rebels. Continue looking and you will see the same girls simply befriending the nice guys. Many times have I sat down and listened to a female friend complain about how her boyfriend mistreats her. But does she ever dump the rebel boyfriend and go out with the nice guy (like me)? Nope.

So then the girls get to college and realize that the bad boy isn’t really marriage material. Now they start looking for the nice guys. Well, surprise surprise! All the nice guys have adapted. They were tired of always being the good friend, tired of not getting asked to the Sadie Hawkins dance, tired of always finishing last.

So, to answer your question, most of the nice guys are extinct. However, I don’t believe the girls are completely at fault. No guy should give up and change his morals to get a few more girls. I vowed to not change my “nice guy” qualities and don’t regret it. But don’t think that it is all our fault that there are no nice guys out there.

Jesse J. Rond

Mechanical engineering sophomore

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