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As the Thomas Fire from Southern California spreads, smoke has permeated the air in San Luis Obispo.

Currently the air quality in San Luis Obispo Air Quality Index is at 35 AQI according to the San Luis Obispo County Air Pollution Control District. This number is ranked as “good”, as 0-50 is considered in the “good air quality range.” Fire Chief Garret Olson confirmed this and reassured residents that air quality is being monitored efficiently.

“The City of San Luis Obispo works closely with the County Public Health Officer to assess air quality and make recommendations to enhance public health and safety. Regarding the effects of the Thomas Fire, our local air quality never got a level that would necessitate local residents wearing particulate masks,” Olson said

However, Chief Olson suggests that if anyone feels unwell due to the smoke to take precautions.

“Those feeling the effects of the smoke, for example dry throat, watery eyes, etc, are advised to stay indoors as much as possible with windows and doors closed. Outdoor exercise should be limited,” Olson said.

According to the Cal Fire San Luis Obispo Fire Department, the current conditions along with the wind have caused the smoke to span throughout San Luis Obispo.

Based upon clear/dry conditions and current wind patterns, a sigificant amount of smoke is visible throughout San Luis Obispo county today. The smoke is most visible within the S. County (Nipomo) area. This is drift smoke from Santa Barbara and Ventura counties. #ThomasFire

— CAL FIRE SLO (@CALFIRE_SLO) December 10, 2017

San Luis Obispo firefighters are assisting fighting the Thomas Fire currently. Even though only the smoke is affecting San Luis Obispo, Chief Olson suggests all residents look over to be prepared, if a fire ever threaten homes and residential life in San Luis Obispo.

“This site discusses steps for personal preparedness as well as landscape maintenance and design, which afford firefighters the greatest opportunity to defend their property from fire,” Olson said.

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