Tianna Arata appeared by Zoom in the San Luis Obispo Superior Court yesterday, Sept. 17, where her attorney announced his intention to file a demurrer for her case and requested a date for the court to hear that plea. She will appear in court again on Thursday, Oct. 22. 

A demurrer is a plea entry that does not dispute the facts of the prosecution’s claims, but argues that the facts do not justify legal action. 

At her initial court date on Sept. 3, Judge Matthew Guerrero read Arata her charges and she acknowledged that she understood the charges. At her Oct. 22 court date, the court will hear her plea. 

District Attorney Dan Dow charged Arata with 13 misdemeanors on Sept. 2 for events that occurred at a protest she organized, including five counts of false imprisonment, six counts of obstruction of a thoroughfare, one count of unlawful assembly and one count of disturbing the peace by loud noise. 

Appearing at Arata’s arraignment this morning were her attorneys Patrick Fisher and Curtis Briggs, as well as Judge Matthew Guerrero and Delaney Henretty for the people. 

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