Delta Sigma Phi is currently under investigation after allegedly hosting a 300-person party that was broken up by SLOPD last Thursday. Editor's note: This caption has been updated since its publication. The original caption stated that DSP and PSK were under investigation for hosting a 300-person party; it should have stated for "allegedly" hosting a party. Also, PSK is no longer under investigation, according to the Cal Poly Office of Student Life and Leadership. That has been updated as well. We apologize for any inconvenience.

UPDATE: The Cal Poly Office of Student Life and Leadership has decided to drop the investigation into the Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity, director Stephan Lamb said. After meeting with the fraternity’s president, Lamb decided to remove the cease and desist order issued last Friday.

Greek life director Diego Silva said the Phi Sigma Kappa president was “able to explain that they had nothing to do with the party next door to them.”

Silva’s office is still looking into the conduct of Delta Sigma Phi and has met with both the executive board and the residents at Monte Vista Place where the party occurred, he said. Silva and Lamb hope to conclude the investigation by Friday, in time for Cal Poly’s Open House.

The Delta Sigma Phi and Phi Sigma Kappa fraternities are at the center of a Student Life and Leadership (SLL) investigation after police shut down a party at Monte Vista Place Thursday night.

The fraternities, which were ordered to cease and desist their activities Friday, cannot engage in any greek activities until the investigation concludes, SLL Director Stephan Lamb said. Though the two organizations have not been formally accused of any wrongdoing, a University Police Department’s (UPD) report details instances of underage drinking, public intoxication and one arrest for DUI at the party.

Police said approximately 300 people were in attendance at the party at 1236 Monte Vista Place. Attendees filled the apartments, a courtyard and were strewn outside of the complex. Four unruly gatherings citations were issued, while one woman was arrested for driving under the influence and another for public intoxication, according to the report.

Both Delta Sigma Phi and Phi Sigma Kappa are under investigation for the incident, which could threaten the fraternities’ affiliations with the university, Lamb said.

“It’s a privilege to be connected with the university, not a right,” he said.

Lamb said he became aware of the party Friday morning after UPD commander Lori Hashim sent him a report detailing the night’s events. Though the police report sent to Lamb initially implicated primarily Phi Sigma Kappa, Lamb and greek life director Diego Silva said he believed Delta Sigma Phi was implicated as well.

The Monte Vista Place apartment where the unruly gathering was allegedly held is an area zoned for fraternity houses and holds a lease signed by Delta Sigma Phi, Silva said.

“The Phi Sig house is not big enough (to hold that kind of party),” Silva said.

Though Hashim was unavailable for comment Monday, Lamb said her report detailed a Playboy-themed party with hundreds of guests in attendance. He said alcohol was present at the event, though he was not sure if minors were drinking there. Student Life and Leadership is still investigating whether the party was organized deliberately, which could hurt the fraternities in the office’s judicial process.

If the fraternity did take measures to organize an unruly gathering and serve alcohol to minors, it could face the same consequences as Sigma Phi Epsilon, which was disaffiliated last year for providing alcohol to minors, serving alcohol at an open party with unrestricted access to non-members and purchasing alcohol in bulk quantities, according to Cal Poly’s Greek Life website.

Lamb said in Sigma Phi Epsilon’s case, the police were very specific about the amount of alcohol at the party.

“The Sig Ep situation was very orchestrated,” Lamb said. “I heard directly from SLOPD about the amount of handles that were present.”

The alleged Playboy theme of the party, though, could indicate that last Thursday’s festivities were planned, Lamb said.

“If that’s true, it goes to intent,” Lamb said. “It wasn’t just random, casual people.”

Lamb met with the presidents of both fraternities Monday in the first step of the ongoing investigation into Thursday night’s party. He said he wants to conclude the investigation by this Friday, in time for Cal Poly’s Open House.

Many Delta Sigma Phi alumni are also in town for Open House and would like to have the cease and desist order lifted before this weekend, so the fraternity can participate in the weekend’s festivities, Lamb said.

The alumni are also very involved in Delta Sigma Phi’s current affairs because the alumni organization owns Delta Sigma Phi’s main house on California Boulevard.

“We will hear both sides and figure out what the best course of action is to take,” Silva said.

Though greek organizations have developed a reputation over the years for hosting large parties, they aren’t actually that disruptive, said San Luis Obispo Police Department Captain Chris Staley.

“It’s rare now,” Staley said. “I think it had been more of an issue in the past.”

Both Michael Kuelpman, president of Delta Sigma Phi, and Tyler Edwards, president of Phi Sigma Kappa, declined to comment on the investigation.

Victoria Billings contributed to this article.

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    1. At any other school this would be good PR. 300+ having a good time at a party and nobody got hurt.

    2. I agree! I feel like everything Sean write is so negative. Isn’t there anything else going on with 18.000 + students.

  1. The death of greek life is imminent. Why doesn’t someone write in defense of greek life? Everyone goes to these sorts of events, I bet even Sean has been to one or thought about it. (Clarification: Event = Big Party) Why doesn’t Cal Poly just grow a sack, I mean greek life is the SACK of CP, without the sack there is nothing. NO sack = no fun = no students = no great CP environment

  2. What a joke. Sigma Phi Epsilon was kicked off campus for “buying alcohol in bulk” amongst other reasons? And Delta Sigma Pi’s party is considered “intent” if they had a theme for it? Look around the country and see what other schools deal with. Greek life is a vital part of this campus and it is a shame that this is happening

  3. “You have four years to be irresponsible here. Relax. Work is for people with jobs. You’ll never remember class time, but you’ll remember time you wasted hanging out with your friends. So, stay out late. Go out on a Tuesday with your friends when you have a paper due Wednesday. Spend money you don’t have. Drink ’til sunrise. The work never ends, but college does…”

  4. This article is junk aimed to get a rise out of people that actually attended the party and then to blow it out of proportion for the rest of the Campus..
    Sean McMinn is a journalism SOPHOMORE and clearly unaware of previous incidents with fraternal gatherings at Cal Poly..
    He is comparing a party at MONTE VISTA PLACE.. to that of Sig Ep party, which was at SIG EP’s main house.. MONTE VISTA PLACE is an apartment complex not a place of gathering for Fraternity members of Delta Sigma Phi.. (maybe a little research prior to writing an article would prove to be useful down the road?)
    So through McMinn’s whirl of FLUFF and his misguided use of information here is what someone who recognizes FLUFF should get from this article…
    A group of college students who wanted to paarty ROCK, attempted it, and within an hour the cops shut it down (standard) and everyone went on their merry way home or to other households to finish off the night right..

    1. It’s a known fact that people living at MVP are in DSP. It’s their party place because the DSP alum said they can not hold any parties at their main house on California.

      1. If the first sentence = truth, then the second sentence = lie.

        You cannot make a point by backing a (known fact) truth with a lie or was that a confident assumption?? (It’s their party place because..)

        So DSP rents out MVP as a party house instead of the fact that:

        it is conveniently located in SLO,
        you can wake up at 8:00am and get to class on-time 8:10 am
        it provides a residence for approx 40 college students,
        If your athletic like Cha Boi, then you can probably throw a rock and hit the gym.

        My guess is.. all of the listed options above.

        If DSP got MVP to throw parties at, then HOLLA at Cha Boi.. Bring Coachella to SLO and do it BIG

        My Advice To You is check out some Nathaniel Hawthorne before pulling marbles out of your a_s,

        “Accuracy is the twin brother of honesty; inaccuracy, of dishonesty.”

      2. You are inaccurate about “known fact” (and you know what they say about opiions don’t you). The alum have been clear with the active chapter about both properties being managed with respect and responsibility. Please, don’t throw your opinion in the public domain as a “fact” when you don’t know the facts.

  5. You know why preaching abstinence doesn’t work as well at stopping pregnancy than handing out condoms for free? Because people like to have sex and they aren’t going to stop. The same logic can be applied to partying. College students will always party and drink underage, starting a war on parties isn’t going to stop that. Get it together SLOPD, UPD, and Cal Poly,

  6. try not to be so presumptuous with your captions.

    “Delta Sigma Phi and Phi Sigma Kappa are currently under investigation after hosting a 300-person party that was broken up by SLOPD last Thursday.”

    Try adding the word ALLEGEDLY.

    Have an experienced writer edit before publishing. Don’t mislead the student body and public.

    1. Mustang Daily AKA Sean should learn the facts before writing an article on the front page! How many parties has Sean been to? The cops broke the party up- which is what they get for having one, but no one was hurt so get over it! All types of groups on campus have parties (maybe not as big) and they don’t get the front page! Come on Sean write something that MATTERS not about a party you WISH you were at!

      1. Sean has never been to a party. Anyone who knows him at all would agree. The dude is a weirdo.

        -Someone who isn’t in a fraternity but is still annoyed by his ignorance.

      2. It’s not Sean’s fault. We are all missing the real issue. Cal Poly Administrators, SLO Police and Fraternities all have the same agenda – they are all wanting to ensure safe events and responsible use of alcohol. The story that is missed is that we are fighting with each other instead of acting together to solve the issue. This is an issue across the country and until the Cal Poly Administration works more effectively with fraternities instead of playing mommy, it’s not going to resolve. What happens when you get to tell the truth and work together is real issues get resolved. This methodology may help Steffan think he will keep his job, but it will work against us all in the long run. Command and Control will force parties underground, not talked about, not learned from and it will eventjually lead to what all don’t want – fatalities. Does anyone really think you can stop college students from partying??? I remember at Muir dorm when it was all male and guys sneaking booze in every weekend – that was long long ago. It’s not about not drinking or not partying. That has happened for decades and students will have parties. WILL THEY BE RESPONSIBLE with alcohol…that’s the issue. Lets stop the war on the Greek System and get on with working together to ensure no one will ever by injured or killed at Cal Poly again due to parties, alcohol, etc. Lets not have a cataswtrophe – note the BP New Horizon Oil Rig. Safety issues were not discusssed because of excessive commnand and control and people died, oil ruined our enviornment. When you don’t work together, when the University uses excessive force, in the short run it makes them look good. In the long run, they co-create unnecessary fatalities. Time for us all to wake up and work together.
        I heard DSP is actually doing a fundraiser this weekend that has been planned for months to give money to AAA for a future of responsible drinking. Hey Sean, why not cover that instead of taking things out of context and joining a side against the Greek System?

  7. What makes it worse is that by trying to sufficate college students, Cal Poly is going to force students to find a less safe way to party and drink.

    Figure it out Poly, you have organized institutions that are liable who take measures to ensure safety. Without that your going to have an upsurge of unruly, unregulated, and unsafe parties.

    Anyone with a brain can chose the safer option.

  8. It only takes a realistic perspective to see the true problems within this whole situation.

    There seems to be a serious disconnect between the adults in power and the young adults in college in San Luis Obispo. A lack of communication, trust and cooperation. This disconnect is creating blame and hostility between these groups that is totally unnecessary and avoidable.

    And honestly….. it’s making the entire community worse.

    College students will and will continue to have parties and drink. Underage college students will and will continue to have parties and drink.

    I mean seriously, why are we still trying to ignore these FACTS?? It’s like Prohibition up in this place….. and look at how that turned out.

    This has turned into an old fashioned witch hunt and it’s gone too far. We are continuously looking for people to blame and punish for the actions of a few individuals and it isn’t fair for anyone involved.

    Let the responsibility rest on the shoulders of the individuals who are making poor decisions. I mean c’mon!
    These “underage drinkers” that you keep referring to are LEGAL ADULTS…. and then when they make poor personal choices and something bad happens suddenly they aren’t adults anymore….?

    I’m calling bullshit.

    It’s called PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. If you make a bad choice that involves alcohol, it’s your fault- not the fault of the party host.

    We have lost focus of what can actually help solve these issues….working together. We should be concentrating on the things that we can actually control: Risk Management and Prevention. We could create a more safe environment if we actually worked together and not against each other.

    Clearly blame and bitterness isn’t working. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!

    1. What are the facts??? Did DSP with police on their property get tickets for alcohol abuse?? Were their MIP’s on property? Would someone let us know the facts and would the leaders of Cal Poly please lead by example and use facts, not opinions and assumptions.


  9. I received no invitation to this party. I am invited to every deliberating planned party. Therefore, this party was not deliberately planned.

    That was easy. Problem solved. Now let’s party…


    1. I saw Sean McInn attempting to get into a DSP event just a couple weeks ago. Ill-informed and hypocritical, what a great combination!

      1. ATTEMPT to get it? Nice. That clears everything up! DSP does NOT throw open parties with unrestricted access to nonmembers. To be in attendance, one clearly has to reach the optimal level of frat.

  10. What good comes from punishing a fraternity that was affiliated with something everything other fraternity does? When will the time come that a positive light is shed upon Greek Life?

    Here are a few positive FACTS… not just unsubstantiated slander about DSP.

    DSP has more members on ASI than any other organization on campus as well as the IFC President and Vice Chair of University Union Advisory Board.

    Here are a few things planned by DSP before this alleged infraction even occurred:

    – DSP is donating thousands to the Carson Starkey foundation through an Alumni Golf Tournament this weekend. Here is the link to the article ksby wrote about it:

    -There is an upcoming fitness event that not only is promoting staying fit through being active and eating healthy, but also raising money for a family having to pay medical bills for their paralyzed child.

    -The Greek Goddess competition is also right around the corner. This event brings together Greek life and all money raised is donated to SAFER.

    Do you want to be the person that keeps these from happening? As Director, Student Life & Leadership you are there to represent and protect us students while promoting an environment that we can succeed in (aka the same team).

    Making an example of a fraternity because you feel pressure as a result of the attempted journalism of an inexperienced and ill-informed sophomore just proves to not only to the Greek Community, but also the Community of San Luis Obispo as a whole that you are not the right person to be holding the position you do.

    1. I agree! Go DSP! You guys contribute a lot more to this campus then many other greek houses & organizations…

  11. Holding a Playboy party and then complaining about not being treated like adults…these sure are strange tactics to develop “culture” and “harmony” in your Fraternity, or any Fraternity for that manner. Could you not manage to class it up, just one little bit? To make a party theme that’s not misogynist and lame?

    Also, if you have a problem with the journalism, write comments about the journalism. Leave your petty personal attacks at home.

    1. If you had seen the countless beautiful girls dressed up in lingerie and bunny ears I don’t believe you would have thought the theme was “lame.” Unless of course you and Lamb have more in common than the rest of us.

      1. @Joe Mama, your misogynistic, homophobic, and out right disrespectful comments are the reason why Greek Life has little respect from the community, press, and administration at Cal Poly. The Philanthropy events that Greek organizations organize are amazing and make fantastic contributions to people in need. That’s not the problem.

        The problem is a culture that encourages disrespectful language and behavior. Stephan Lamb and Diego Silva have an incredibly difficult job and are ultimately responsible for making sure that ALL Student Life organizations adhere to standards set forth by the university. When organizations do not adhere to these standards, there need to be consequences. How dare you make personal attacks on a man who has one of the toughest jobs on this campus?

        If Greek Life wants a positive response from the community, they need to take responsibility for statements like Joe Mama’s. When the Greek Community is welcoming and reverent of all people regardless of sexual orientation, race, faith, etc., they will finally earn the respect they deserve.

  12. TO create harmony and culture in ones fraternity would be to add a whole lot of FLUFF and BS… Where do you see FLUFF MR. JOE… That is called facts… journalism in general and apparently on the front page of MUSTANG DAILY is called FLUFF.. falsely creating an image of a certain group and comparing an event to a much larger unacceptable event that happened last year.. Do you know one of the most effective tools used today by large firms and corporations to encourage growth and product recognition.. MEDIA.. SO when an uninformed member of the mustang daily writes an offensive article targeting a specific group on campus then people are going to stand up and say what they feel. This is not journalism this is BS and FLUFF which inaccurately represents the events of last week. Mustang Daily writers should have legitimate information prior to writing articles and their editors are supposed to correct faulty information.. Any informed realist who has read this blasphemous article could tell you that.. JOE, your comment was equally unhelpful as the comments you were addressing.. No one gives a shit, that you don’t like the party theme. It was easter weekend, although being Christian – to me this holiday is not about easter eggs and all that fun stuff. But a rather interesting theme (Playboi), to be on the same weekend as Easter. As for your unthoughtful comment about “holding a playboy party and then complaining about not being treated like adults.” If this is what you think is happening then re-read the article. My teachers at Cal Poly always told our classes to read an article once, think about it, and then re-read it, so that one can fully comprehend the text.
    – Two fraternities had to undergo an investigation because an apartment complex had a party.. Are you kidding me? If this campus was a wet campus, this shit would not happen or even make sense.
    Look up some past Fraternal events at Cal Poly, try and find the facts and then come back on here as an informed blogger, ignorant comments are a waste of everyones time.

    1. I 100% agree that we should have a wet campus and it should not be an issue. We should all channel this energy to making the CSU system and Cal Poly change their policies.

    2. According to Merriam-Webster: Blasphemy: n. the act of insulting or showing contempt or lack of reverence for God. I’m pretty sure you chose the wrong word to discuss this article.

      I don’t see an ounce of opinion in this article. The reporter has stated the facts. If you actually want to make a difference at Cal Poly, speak to someone with real power; don’t attack the guy who is writing for the newspaper.

      You might also want to consider researching the term “journalism;” I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be able to recognize journalism if it was staring you in the face.

  13. Parties have proved to be safe places for college students to gather and drink RESPONSIBLY. To add to the excitement of parties, people theme them to pop culture trends-including this alleged “playboy party”. Nothing about this is childish…it is human nature.

    BTW: DSP delivers way more to the students, campus, and community as a whole then any other Greek organization affiliated with campus. Thousands of dollars are raised, several foundations and charities benefit every year. Which part of this sounds not worthy of being treated like an adult?

    Immaturity and Jealousy on the other hand can cause malicious, spiteful behavior. I think if Cal Poly further investigates, they will find that DSP did nothing out of the ordinary. The only people who find problems with what DSP did are the immature and jealous people not lucky enough to get an invitation to the party.

    1. So…large parties are safe places for students to drink responsibly? Oh, so that explains all of the sexual assaults…

      I want to encourage the Greek Community to stop victimizing themselves. Believe it or not there are parties and ways to be social outside of the Greek community. Cal Poly’s social events do not revolve around you. The community is critical of Greeks for a reason. If you’re gonna hold huge parties you have to take responsibility for them. Sure, this wasn’t out of the ordinary. But you got caught so own up to it.

      I am not immature enough to tramp around in a friggin’ bunny costume for a bunch of drunk idiots to stare at me. Why should I be jealous of a bunch of women that need sexual approval of frat guys to feel good about myself?

  14. Hey Sean how you going to feel if DSP gets in trouble or kicked off campus and are no longer able to raise all those thousands of dollars they do for charities and families in need EVERY SINGLE YEAR? You going to start your own charity to make up for all that money?Try writing an article for that.

    1. Guess what, it doesn’t matter how Sean will feel if DSP gets kicked off campus. He did nothing but write an article about it. As a good journalist, he didn’t even give his opinion on the matter. If DSP was really concerned about getting in trouble they would’ve thought twice before making stupid decisions.

      1. Stupid decisions? If you believe throwing a party in college is a stupid decision, then your view of the social college experience is genuinely different than the vast majority of our student body. The fact is that no matter how much campus continues to breathe down the neck of the Greek system, there will still be large parties, alcohol, and the underage drinking that accompanies both. That is the fact of college life, and you must accept it. Removing a large fraternity’s affiliation with campus, such as DSP, for having an annual-themed party is absolutely ridiculous. The fact that DSP is even under any further investigation after receiving a substantial set of tickets is also absurd. From raising considerable amounts of money for charity purposes, hosting positive events for the community, putting on Philanthropies and serving on Student Government positions, DSP and other Fraternities alike are essential to our campus and community as a whole. So what if they throw a few parties each quarter? The more that campus continues to blow situations, such as the current one, completely out of proportion, the more our community will be split. Removing all of the positives that DSP contributes as an organization, for a reason that most would not even consider negative in any facet, is an abuse of power. People need to step back and look at the big picture. These are the best years of our life, let us make them worth it!

        1. Again, it’s important to reiterate that regardless of the college culture, DSP and everyone at this party were still doing something illegal. SLO PD has every right to ticket organizers of a party with underage drinkers. The underage drinkers deserve to be ticketed. The Greek Community doesn’t just get some free pass because they’re Greek and apparently raging parties that objectify women are “a fact of college life.”

          Also, I would sincerely hope that your college years are NOT the best years of your life. You have many decades ahead of you. If four years of Playboy parties are the best of your life, you have very sad prospects for your future.

  15. This “certain group” has created an image all on their own (i.e. “If you had seen the countless beautiful girls dressed up in lingerie and bunny ears” – Joe Mama). Thank you Joe Mama for giving us front row seats to the unraveling of Thursday’s festivities. Sean’s inherently objective article in no way propelled this image. To be honest the article is devoid of any overly radical controversy. It would have been a much more compelling story if Joe Mama, Appalled and Realist had been interviewed.

    Props to Sean or the boredom of the student community for creating this much heat over a somewhat generic lede for a story.

    *Side note: Ignorant Joe…you do not need a comma after shit 🙂 That statement really loses its oomph with the inaccurate pause. I’m happy you are capable of “re-reading” but you should also learn how to “re-re-re-write”. Have your teachers show you this concept as well.

  16. It is naive to think that just because a journalist doesn’t explicitly state his or her opinion in an article he or she writes that none of those viewpoints leak out into the article; bias can be clearly recognized based on the diction chosen when representing the facts, the sources the author chooses to interview and what facts the author selects to form the article. From this the author can subtly direct the audience to see a certain situation in a given light. In this particular case I think it was a mistake to not have terms like “alleged” in the title which would indicate that the investigation had not come to a solid conclusion. Further more by not attempting to interview any parties being accused of misconduct how can this article claim to be unbiased?

  17. It’s college. SLO is a college town. Parties happen and kids will be young and wild, there is nothing wrong with that. I was in Greek life myself and honestly we didn’t party nearly as hard as some of the other “academic” fraternities. Seriously they are the ones to worry about because they are so far out of Cal Poly’s radar. Greek life faces so many rules and regulations that we walk a far more straight arrow than other campus organizations.

    And seriously, the people writing this crap in the Mustang Daily are doing it to create heat. The only reason they are still around is because of the crap they write with no good proof, just twisted stories to try and keep their less than mediocre “product” on the shelves. They are sorry excuses for “journalists”

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