University Graphic Systems has received two industry awards for the collaborative book made with art and design seniors entitled “Capstone 2005.” UGS published the book featuring the work of art and design students.

The book’s print quality earned UGS the Certificate of Merit from the Print Quality competition Intended for Industry.

“It’s really exciting because we’re students,” UGS head press operator Beth Bach said. “It’s good for people we market to and helps advertising.”

The book also won the Premier Print Award from the Printing Industries of America/Graphic Arts Technical Foundation’s international competition. It ranked among the best of over 5,200 entries.

For Carolina Velasco, a graphic communications senior and UGS General Manager, it’s a self-esteem booster.

“If you give students the tools they need, the students will run with it,” Velasco said. “They give us the stepping stone.”

Velasco and Bach both give credit to the equipment donated by the industry and people outside the department, in addition to the time invested by those within the department.

“When it comes to it, Cal Poly has been able to invest,” Velasco said. “The professors have invested time and effort.”

A key aspect to the project was the two department’s ability to work together to produce the book.

Some of the art and design students were able to see the publishing processes first hand.

“These students learn how to print creatively,” Velasco said. “They have killer designs.”

“Capstone 2005” can be seen in the graphic communications department, building 26 room 207.

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