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Cal Poly announced on Wednesday morning that the University Union (UU) will extend its hours for the remainder of the fall quarter and into 2022.

Effective immediately, the building will be open from 6-12 a.m. on weekdays and from 8-12 a.m. on weekends. These new hours allow for the UU to be open later in the night than previously in the quarter.

The change was made after the UU operation team hired enough student facility supervisors to extend the hours.

“Historically, the UU has closed late at night,” Assistant Director Daren Connor said. “Hiring student staff was exceptionally difficult this fall, and it was only in October when the UU Facility Supervisor team was deep enough to extend the hours to midnight.”

The UU mainly serves as a place for students to study, socialize or take a break in between classes. It is common to see students going over homework in groups, working individually or eating their lunch while they have a break.

Graphic communication junior Eli Galster is one of these students that utilize the UU.

“I like to study in the UU sometimes because it’s usually less crowded than the library,” Galster said. “It’s a great place to get work done without too many distractions.”

These new hours will allow students access to the common areas of the building later in the night, something that liberal studies sophomore Rachel Ginn said she appreciates.

“I think that it will be nice for people to have this option later in the night if they want to study or do really anything,” Ginn said. “It also could be safer for people who don’t want to walk all the way across campus to the library when it’s dark out.”

In addition to the extended hours, the UU will be open 24 hours during finals week. These hours will begin on Sunday, Dec. 5 and will continue until 7:30 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 10.

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