Let me just start out by saying that I think the liberal arts major is kind of a useless major. You learn a little bit of everything, but nothing much of anything. But I do respect those that actually plan on doing something with their degree, like become a teacher.

I feel bad for those of you who actually come to Cal Poly (or to any university for that matter) with the sole purpose of finding a husband. You could look for him elsewhere, and give your place at Cal Poly up to someone else who actually wants to be here to learn.

Cal Poly used to have a home economics major back in the day. But once they realized that women are coming here to study engineering, architecture and business, they got rid of it. What you may not know is that those woman began to realize they could get an education, find a husband, have a career and maintain a happy home. I personally am here not only to study what I’m interested in, but to also be able to one day provide for myself, and my children (if I have any) in the event that I don’t find a husband (let alone a rich one), or that he decides he’d rather be with some women with little to no college education that enjoys waiting on him hand and foot.

I’m sorry, but by stating you’re only here to find a husband, you’re belittingling yourself, openly devaluationg your education and making those of us that want to make something of our lives look like the terror of society. If you want to spend you life as a stay at home mom, go ahead. But don’t come to us in 30 years when you realize you should have gotten a real education while at Cal Poly.

Mickela Gonzales

Architecture junior

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