I love a good laugh. That’s why I enjoyed Jessica Potter’s witty and sarcastic letter about liberal studies majors. It actually made me chuckle out loud to my roommates.

So can you imagine how many times I guffawed, how many tissues I had to use to wipe away tears of hilarity, upon reading the plethora of flame-soaked, self-righteous indignations from all the young, head-strong women who can do anything they set their minds to – except develop a sense of humor.

I am by no means a chauvinist; my girlfriend and future-fiancee is definitely a strong, independent woman. However, she also recognizes the subtle sarcasm present in so much of today’s media and would certainly have been one of the first to laugh at Potter’s letter.

So thank you, all you knee-jerk reactionaries, for once again convincing me that the finer points of wit are wasted on the masses.

Nate Johnson

Computer engineering senior

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