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ASI President: Riley Nilsen

CAFES Board of Directors: Mark Borges, Sergio Dimas, Layla Lopez, Haley Warner, James Broaddus 

CAED Board of Directors: Samantha Seems, Harrison Tucker, Ana Padilla

COSAM Board of Directors: Gianna Ciaccio, Mitchell Collins, Ethan Alexander, Tim Wetzel, Kaitlin Miknich

CENG Board of Directors: Denae Dupray, John D’Ambrosio, Sarah Downing, John Griffin, Maggie Cheung

CLA Board of Directors: Abby Cavanaugh, Rita Elfarissi, James Smith, Ruby Ludford, Annalise Delfosse

OCOB Board of Directors: Gabi Trapani, Matthew Bell, Daniela Czerny, Denise Hensley, Adriena Le

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Video by Elena Wasserman

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