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Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) has completed an internal investigation for potential ethical violations after political science junior and ASI Board of Directors Chair Rob Moore gave unauthorized $1,500 payments to four ASI Board members. 

At the April 15 Board of Directors meeting, Internal Review Committee Co-Chair and industrial engineering senior Will Sambar said in a report that Moore organized a dinner meeting for four chairs of standing committees on Feb. 14. The dinner was not mandatory, according to two of the chairs who attended. 

Moore gave each of the committee chairs — who do not receive scholarships for their positions as chairs of standing committees — a check for $1,500 each. The checks were drawn from his personal bank account.

Moore receives around a $20,000 scholarship from the university for his position as Chair of the ASI Board of Directors.

The internal review report concluded that Moore was not in violation of any laws or university regulations. However, the Internal Review Committee recommended the Board of Directors update their Conflict of Interest Policy and ASI bylaws to mandate that board members not offer, give or receive any unauthorized gifts, bonuses or compensation.

The Internal Review Committee also recommended the Board of Directors “censure” Moore for unauthorized compensation. 

The recommendations will be voted on after the ASI elections cycle is complete. Voting for the 2020-2021 ASI President and ASI Board of Directors will end Thursday, April 23 at 9 a.m.

The four committee chairs who received gifts from Moore were the Recruitment and Elections Committee Chair and liberal studies junior Conner O’Neil, Diversity and Inclusion Committee Chair and journalism senior Dominique Morales, External Affairs Committee Chair and communication studies senior Kylie Clark and Internal Review Committee C0-Chair electrical engineering senior Joe Sandoval.

Sambar is the co-chair of the Internal Review Committee alongside Sandoval. However, Sambar is also the vice chair of the University Union Advisory Board (UUAB), from which he receives a scholarship for that position.

“I don’t do this job to get paid,” Morales, who received one of the $1,500 checks from Moore, said. “I don’t want to get paid for it. But I’d appreciate it because advocacy doesn’t pay my bills, it doesn’t provide me food to put in my fridge.”

The checks that Moore distributed were for the work that they had achieved in their respective roles which Moore described in a statement as “doing the right thing for some of the kindest, hardest working people I know.” Two out of the four chairs cashed the checks the day that they received them. One chair has not cashed the $1,500, but still holds on to it. The fourth chair returned the check to Moore. 

“What was unethical was to be giving a person $20,000 when I was doing like 40 hours a week and not even making a penny for ASI,” Clark, who also received one of the $1,500 checks from Moore, said.

Update: The headline previously read “ASI Board Chair investigated over unauthorized payments to several committee chairs.” 

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