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San Luis Obispo now has 181 confirmed cases of coronavirus as of Wednesday, April 29 – up eight cases from yesterday, according to the County Public Health.

Of the total cases, 40 patients are at home in isolation, 135 patients have recovered, and five patients are hospitalized. No hospitalized patients are in intensive care.

There has been one death related to coronavirus in the county.

Total Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in SLO County

County Public Health has now conducted 1214 tests in which 62 have tested positive. Private laboratories have detected 119 cases, but the number of tests conducted is unknown, according to County Public Health.

The highest increase of confirmed cases in one day remains at 14.

There are 12 cases of coronavirus in those zero to 17-years-old, 71 in ages 18 to 49-years-old, 55 in 50 to 64-years-old and 43 in those 65 and older.

Case Count by City

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