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The life of any architectural engineering senior is busy. The responsiblities of the Associated Students Inc. president are immense.

Tylor Middlestadt does both, and now he’s ready to take on yet another task.

On Nov. 11, the California State Student Association (CSSA) submitted its second list of candidates for the position of CSU student trustee to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Middlestadt was on it, representing one of three students within the CSU system to be chosen as a CSU student trustee finalist.

“I am just proud to be considered for the position,” Middlestadt said. “It really is the primary student advocate in the CSU system.”

As to why he thinks he was chosen, Middlestadt replied, “I have been consistently involved at a statewide level over the past two years and have demonstrated that I’m committed to serving the students and whatever it takes to get things done.”

The trustee will be appointed by Gov. Schwarzenegger, after the candidates are examined, for the 2005-07 term.

Despite the fact that Middlestadt is busy, he said that he will have enough time to dedicate to the position.

“It took me a while to apply,” Middlestadt said, adding that it is a major responsibility and that he had to consider it carefully. There were 14 applicants for the position from which Middlestadt was chosen in addition to Andrew LaFlamme of CSU Stanislaus and Joaquin Ortega of San Diego State University. The student who is selected will serve for one and a half years in the place of current student trustee, Corey Jackson. Jackson will be moving on to become a voting trustee, according to a CSSA press release.

The position would normally be a two-year commitment, with one year of non-voting status and one year of voting status, Middlestadt said, adding that his is a special circumstance.

The student trustee according to Middlestadt, offers ideas and a student perspective to problems within the CSU system, while at the same time acting as a liaison between the CSU Board of Directors and the Student Board.

When asked what he would work towards in the position, Middlestadt sited work on the CSU sustainability policy, with which he is already involved in as well as improving the quality of the CSU education and not cutting programs.

“It would allow me to get deeper into the system to help manage the largest university system in the United States if not the world,” Middlestadt said.

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