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Community will have more time to comment on university housing plans

The project has sparked controversy among locals, who argue the neighborhood will be disrupted by the installation of approximately 1,475 more freshmen living close by.

‘Nava-hos’ investigation dropped, administrators not certain it was official greek party

Unlike the initial email sent to students on Nov. 19, which called the party “a social fraternity and sorority event,” the email students received Wednesday referred to it as an “off-campus party.”

What came first, the chicken or the black hole?

Do galaxies form around black holes? Or are black holes born into existing galaxies?

SLO named No. 3 college town in nation

Cal Poly is putting San Luis Obispo on the map. According to a November survey by Travel and Leisure magazine, San Luis Obispo is the No. 3 college town in the nation.

Cal Poly students among the first generation of cyber security trainees

Computer hacking, cryptography classes, a cutting-edge Cyber Lab — Cal Poly’s new initiative in cyber security sounds like it belongs in the latest James Bond movie. Cyber security, or the protection of online information and systems from attack, is a quickly growing field that has become essential with the progression of networked technology.

Getting the grade: Cal Poly’s sexual health

Trojan has released an annual Sexual Health Report Card for the last eight years. Schools are graded across 11 categories, including health center hours of operation, contraceptive and condom availability, website usability and sexual health education programs and organizations.

Food stamps slashed, local recipients struggling

A tri-tip sandwich and small soda from Firestone Grill costs $11 — and judging by the restaurant’s popularity among students, most people on campus have no problem spending that amount on a delicious meal. But many living in San Luis Obispo County cannot afford to part with that sum so casually.

Cal Poly to reexamine electrical systems after dorm fire displaces 3

Rademacher said he “was pretty lucky” in terms of what he lost. Right now, he knows that his bed, mattress, pillows and a pair of jeans have been damaged, but he isn’t sure what the dollar total for those will be.

Absent students, committee looks at long-term plan for SLO

A group of sustainability advocates, business interests and neighborhood activists have assembled to build a long-term plan for land use, resources, traffic, housing and other critical functions.

UCSB dean’s ‘stay away’ message might have been too little, too late

“Everyone already knows what they’re going to do — an ad’s not going to convince them.”

Cal Poly students more united than Congress, against Congress

The federal government shutdown, which lasted 16 days, ended on Oct. 17 when President Barack Obama signed a bill raising the debt limit.