Ryan Chartrand

The autopsy of Favian Mora, an electrical engineering sophomore who was found unresponsive in his room in Poly Canyon Village in December, was released yesterday and said that his death was due to a medical condition.

Toxicology results were negative for drugs and alcohol said San Luis Obispo county public information officer Rob Bryn. No foul play is suspected.

A bacterial infection caused by the bacteria called Group Beta Strep Sepsis was responsible. This bacteria is from the same school of bacteria that causes strep throat, according to David L. Harris, the medical director of the Cal Poly Heath Center.

He added that when most people are exposed to the bacteria, their bodies isolate the infection and fight it off, but sometimes it can travel into a person’s bloodstream. This leads to a total body infection, or sepsis, which can cause the body to go into shock and lead to organ failure and cardiac arrest.

“The chances are miniscule,” Harris said for this scenario to happen to anyone with a healthy immune system. “The lesson to take home here is if you’re feeling unwell, get checked out.”

Mora, 19, planned to graduate Cal Poly in 2011 and was a member of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers. He graduated from Andrew P. Hill High School in San Jose, Calif. in 2007.

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